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A website dedicated to selling goods for small Manitoba businesses is growing faster than anyone could have anticipated.

Vendors have joined in droves and orders are pouring in, increasing exponentially since site co-founder Obby Khan made a marketing push three weeks ago. The site temporarily paused all new orders on Nov. 28 to hire new staff and revamp the website to accommodate greater traffic.

Obby Khan (left) said he and his partner Ali Esmail (right) were working up to 20 hours a day to keep up with orders.
MIKE SUDOMA / FREE PRESS FILESObby Khan (left) said he and his partner Ali Esmail (right) were working up to 20 hours a day to keep up with orders.

Khan said he, his partner Ali Esmail and a few others were working up to 20 hours a day just to keep up.

To become a vendor, the vetting process is simple: if you’re a local business, you’re approved, said Khan. All interested entrepreneurs need to do is type in the website, click Become a Vendor and fill out the application form.

Employees at Good Local will contact potential businesses to post products online.

That means vendors need company logos, photos of their goods, product prices, payment details and any other vendor-specific information that might arise.

Business owners can drop off products to a building in the Exchange District next to Khan’s restaurant Shawarma Khan from which deliveries are sent out.

Business owners arrange to pay Good Local either a fixed percentage of sales or a flat dollar amount per unit.

Luke Nolan, owner of the Haberdashery on Albert Street, said the website provides a much-needed boost to business, especially as his shop remains shuttered due to COVID-19 restrictions. Read More >


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