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GoodLocal found a way for small businesses like us to connect with customers that are passionate about shopping local. They made it easy for customers to support us by taking on all the technical and logistical challenges so we could focus on what we love most!

Jillian Leigh Jewelry

Early in December 2020 the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter was honoured to accept an invitation to participate as a customer of GoodLocal.The offer was made in recognition of the Shelter’s financial challenges in it’s NO-KILL mission, it’s Registered Charity status and stand alone operation with the associated costs.

The work of GoodLocal is enabling the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter to remain open during the current difficult times.Through the sales and free delivery of it’s products to new and regular customers we are able to continue to care for and improve the lives of the many unfortunate pets in our community.Although GoodLocal charges a small commission for deliveries this cost is waved in the case of the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter.

The Premier of Manitoba Brian Palliser has praised and encouraged the concept of buying locally.There is no doubt that GoodLocal is providing of great benefit to the Winnipeg economy.

Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter

GoodLocal has helped our business to fill a gap in providing both delivery and advertising services of our products.During the COVID-19 pandemic we as a business had to shift and pivot into some new areas and we are so grateful to have met Lynn and to have teamed up with GoodLocal!

KumKoon Garden

It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know and working with the one and only Mr. Obby Khan on such a special and rewarding project. Since the creation of Goodlocal.ca we have also had the pleasure of working with his fantastic team, including our outstanding account manager Lynn. Everyone we have worked with has been organized, helpful and professional.

Our products on Goodlocal.ca have gone from just one initially to now ten, and growing constantly. We have also been introduced to other local businesses as a result of their own listings, and have even gone on to do some product collaborations as a result.

Goodlocal.ca has been and continues to be a wonderful contribution to the local economy and a strong resource for local businesses. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering listing their own products.

Torque Brewing

When I first heard of GoodLocal.ca , I thought, what a great idea.I was a bit skeptical at first since I have my own e commerce site but wow was I pleasantly surprised.Although this last year has been so hard for small businesses, a good thing has come out of 2020.The general population has been hearing about the strain on small business.They have developed real awareness of how money spent at small businesses not only supports that small business but also the local economy.People want to be able to shop local shops, even though they aren't open to the public.People want to be able to support a lot of different local shops but not be too inconvenienced doing it.Goodlocal.ca is the solution that everyone needs.

One of the reasons the goodlocal.ca platform is so smart is it offers the local producers, makers and artists in this great city the chance to have customers make a one stop shop, access all their favorite local products and pantry items and have it all delivered together for a small fee, one that no small business would ever be able to offer on their own.Goodlocal.ca has also been able to offer so much business experience and support with the awesome team they have built.The owner Obby Khan, my account manager Lynn Tran and the whole good local team is dedicated to working beside sellers to make this the best experience for both the customers and for the vendors.The growth of goodlocal.ca has been swift, and for good reason.Not only has it been able to offer the convenience of shopping online from the comfort and safety of your home but it has also offered community.Good local gives every business on the platform exposure to all the customers of every business on the website.

If you are looking to expand your business and offer more sales channels, let me tell you, goodlocal.ca will not only increase your sales and grow your customer base, it will give an incredible team of experts working alongside you, promoting you and helping your business grow. I can’t say enough about goodlocal.ca and what a difference it has made in our lives.

If you are looking for a good way to shop local and be conscious of how you spend your hard earned dollars, goodlocal.ca is the place.I encourage you to visit the site and see the amazing variety of vendors, makers and local shop owners.You can feel good shopping on goodlocal.ca and knowing that you are directly supporting the great local community and economy you live in!

Mama Pacha

I heard about Lynn and GoodLocal when another maker friend connected us. She has been amazing to work with! She helped us navigate stocking our product and is always available to answer our questions.

Our experience with GoodLocal has been very positive! The rapid growth they experienced was unexpected but amazing! Obby kept all of the makers in the loop as new things came up.

It is clear that he and all of his employees are working hard to support Manitoba makers and their customers. We love GoodLocal and can’t recommend it enough!

Crowded Table Coffee

My experience with Good Local has been nothing but positive!

Being a small business owner and also a one-woman-show, I'll admit that when I was first approached by them I was a bit hesitant about allowing someone else to sell and deliver my products.

However, Good Local exceeded my expectations. Their platform has allowed me to reach a large customer base that I could not have done so easily on my own. They also provide the same level of care to my product and service that I expect myself to provide to my customers!

The Good Local staff are easily accessible and will assist you with any questions/concerns you might have in a timely manner. They were also willing to collaborate with me in order to make my product work for their business model.

I would highly recommend Good Local to other businesses that are wanting to expand and be part of an online local maker community!