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Some additional info for you, the Manitoba maker/seller. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line!

What is GoodLocal?
GoodLocal.ca is a one-stop shop for everything local. You list your products on our website and we sell and deliver them to local customers. Together, we “grow the pie” for Manitoba business by making it easier for customers to find and access local goods.

How do my products get from me to the customer?
When you come aboard, we work with you to determine how your product gets to our fulfillment centre — either up front (where we hold your product in inventory) or weekly as orders are placed — whatever works best for you. From our fulfillment centre, we deliver customers’ orders to their door, saving you the cost and hassle of doing it yourself.

What does it cost me?
We’ll work with you to come up with a fee structure that works for you while also allowing us to cover our costs of delivery, marketing, etc. You’ll have options — we can accommodate a fixed % of sales or a flat $ amount per unit — whatever works best for you!

I don’t produce a good that can be delivered — can I be involved?
We’re exploring ways for that to happen a bit down the road. Feel free to drop us a line with ideas as to how you see us working together, or otherwise stay tuned!

What if I want to ship directly to the customer?
We plan to offer this option in future — we just need to work out a few details first. For now, we are happy to handle all delivery of orders to customers, but stay tuned for updates on this in the coming months!

How do I get on board?
Simple! Click here and complete the sign-up form. Once you do, we’ll be in touch with next steps. We’ll work with you to gather information about your products and sort out how they’ll get from you to us, then we’ll take care of getting them published to GoodLocal.ca.

What if I change my mind? How do I remove my products from GoodLocal?
If you need to discontinue service for any reason, no problem — just drop us a line and we’ll take you off the site within 7 business days. No contract, no cancellations fees/penalties, and we’re here for you if/when you’re ready to come back aboard!

My product isn’t made in Manitoba — can I still sell on GoodLocal?
Yes! GoodLocal is open to all independent, Manitoba-owned businesses — so even if you’re a seller whose product isn’t made in province, we’d love to work with you. (Note: while we wish all our fellow Manitobans the best of success, at this time we’re not partnering with franchisees of chains based outside of Manitoba.)

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