VE Vegan Aviyal


“Aviyal” or “Avial” is a dish made of Crisp Vegetables like Potato, Plantain, Yum, Beans, Carrot, Drumstick
& so on in coconut & Turmeric gravy and raw mango slices. Its seasoned with curry leaves. It has a thick
texture and often ate with rice. The word “avial” is also used to denote ‘boiled’ or ‘cooked in water’ —
hence the name being derived from the way the dish is made.
No Added Sugar or Sweetener
No oil
Proudly made in Manitoba Canada
Gluten Free
Whole Food Plant Based
Fully Cooked

Ingredients: Water, Plantain, Ash gourd, Coconut, Potato, Cucumber, Carrots, Green beans, Mango,
Onion, Salt, Spices

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VE Vegan Aviyal


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