The ‘Spark Joy’ SoulStack


Take a deep breath in and celebrate all that is around you! This bright, inspiring SoulStack brings the magic, guiding you to fully accept who you are and find deep gratitude for your life!

With Pink Aventurine reminding you that there is so much to celebrate in life, to unleash your creativity and to love boldly; Angelite brings a deep feeling of peace and tranquility, reminding you that you are whole. Step into your courage and be all that you can be with the Spark Joy SoulStack!

Bracelet 1 – Half Sandalwood, Half Matte Pink Aventurine, divided by Copper Plated Hematite

Bracelet 2 – Half Sandalwood, Half Angelite, divided by Copper Plated Hematite

Bracelet 3 – Copper Plated Hematite

The ‘Spark Joy’ SoulStack

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