Rhodonite & Rose Gold Hematite SoulStack Mini


This duo works together to help you to remain ‘Grounded in Compassion’


Known as the stone of compassion, Rhodonite helps to clear, stimulate and activate your heart space, tuning you more and more into the frequency of love. 

It encourages true & pure self love & forgiveness.

Rose Gold Hematite

Hematite grounds your energy and dispels negative energy from entering your energy field.

It helps to tune you in to your own energy and to be less influenced by energies that reside outside of yourself.

Bracelet 1: Matte Rhodonite 8mm bracelet with a 6mm Rose Gold plated Hematite centre bead.
Bracelet 2: Rose Gold plated Hematite 4mm bracelet

Rhodonite & Rose Gold Hematite SoulStack Mini

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