Local Essentials – Home Edition

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These local, home good essentials have been carefully selected to make healthy home living a breeze. Each pot contains:

Flower Pot (large) with Rose Gold Blossom Bark – Flour & Flower   

Flower pot is filled with plantable wildflower seed paper, and our Blossom Bark is a dream come true for snackers all ages, each piece of bark features dried flowers for an extra pretty treat.

The W.C. Spray – Prairie Potions 

This generously scented room spray combines a woodsy + fresh blend of peppermint, cedar wood, sweet orange, tea tree, lavender + spearmint essential oils – making it an excellent choice for the water closet. Spray everywhere, including linens. Can also be used on hair + skin. 118 ml recyclable spray bottle.

BeesWax Wrap – Electric Impression x 2

Reusable and great for the environment.Contains: Manitoba beeswax, Food Grade Pine Resin, Organic Jojoba Oil, 100% Cotton. Wash with gentle soap and cool water.

Handfelted Wool Dryer Balls – Fibreartistry

Dryer Balls are the eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to dryer sheets. Just toss all 4 balls into your dryer and expect fewer wrinkles, less static and a reduced drying time. I just leave mine in the dryer – they are ready for the next load. The colours don’t run. These dryer balls are unscented for those with allergies. If you prefer scented laundry, just add a drop of your favourite essential oil.

Dishcloths – Off the Hook  x2

100% cotton yarn, perfect for washing dishes! This item is machine washable.

Lysol Wipes – Food Fare

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Local Essentials – Home Edition

$89.00 $79.99

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