Frozen shrimp & spinach dumplings (10)


Steaming Instructions: 

Note: If you do not have a steamer basket, you can use a stainless steel or ceramic plate in a stand inside a large pot with a lid.

Defrost dim sum: fill pot halfway with water, making sure the water does not touch the bottom of the plate. Bring water to a rolling boil, place dumplings on plate inside pot and cover. Hold at a rolling boil for the appropriate time indicated below. Carefully remove and serve promptly.

Steaming Time (from thawed): 

  • Pork based dumpling: 20 min
  • Shrimp/seafood based dumpling: 10 min
  • Buns: 15 min
  • Sticky rice: 20 min

Baked Buns:

Defrost buns, heat in microwave for approx. 15-20 seconds.

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Frozen shrimp & spinach dumplings (10)


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