Birds love the solid star-shaped bird feeder!


Feed the Birds with this medium sized star-shaped wild bird feeder!
The wild birds coming to your yard will love this nutritious treat. This shape is made by hand in Winnipeg by combining dried fruits, chopped nuts and a quality Canadian birdseed blend.
Simply hang the solid feeder up outdoors on a hook or tree branch and watch as the wild song birds come to have a nutritious snack. Once the birds find the feeder they will land on it and peck away at it. Eventually it will fall to the ground just in time to feed the ground-feeder wild bird varieties who prefer to snack on solid ground. When everything is eaten up the fluffy yarn left over will help the birds line their nests in the springtime, so the entire feeder is used by our feathered friends.

The yarn colour for this star is a soft white with flecks of grey.

Charlotte’s Birdseed is a 100% consumable gift and comes wrapped in paper in individual boxes. Handmade in Winnipeg Manitoba.

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