Here’s how a GoodLocal order works, start to finish, from your — the vendor’s — perspective.

1. Order Fulfillment

  • Customers can place orders anytime; we deliver them weekly on Fridays. Cut-off for customer orders each week is Wednesday, 6PM. (Orders received thereafter will be delivered the following week.)
  • When a customer orders one of your products, you’ll be notified by email and it will show up in your vendor profile.
  • If we’re holding stock of your product, there’s nothing more for you to do — we’ll see to it that the customer’s order gets to them!
  • If we’re not holding stock of your product, simply drop your orders to us by 4PM on Thursday, at Shawarma Khan — 225 McDermot Ave. (You’re welcome to drop off earlier — any Monday-Friday, 11AM-4PM.)

2. Payment & Returns

  • Our Return Policy allows customers up to 14 days to return a product they don’t need (with some caveats — unused, unworn, non-perishable products only)
  • If we stock your product, we’ll re-stock anything that’s returned. If not, we’ll be in touch with you to make arrangements for returning the product to you
  • We’ll pay you for your orders once the return period has elapsed (on the 15th day after delivery)

Questions/concerns? Drop us a line!

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