means Good for Local: 5 Product Picks by Pegonaplate

Flour and Flower

by Primrose Madayag Knazan

Cheers! I started my Instagram blog @pegonaplate as my love letter to food in Manitoba. Originally featuring restaurants and creative ways to use local products. I now feature daily updates in my stories on restaurants, shops, products, home businesses, and more with highlights organized by cuisine. My passion is supporting local because local businesses are led by real people instead of faceless corporations. Supporting local equals exponential growth within Manitoba and keeps the heart of our economy beating.

I love that helps local businesses by providing a delivery platform for local products, while giving customers the opportunity to purchase multiple products with a flat delivery rate. I recommend the following Manitoba-made products, available for order through

Flora and Farmer has a wide selection of unique spreads and preserves, perfect for an elegant cheese board or a simple snack. The low-sugar fruit spreads are often paired with savoury ingredients for a balanced flavour, while their pickles and fermented products are zesty and bright. A dollop of Blueberry Basil spread with soft brie on a toasted baguette makes a simple yet complex appetizer to satisfy the senses. 

Bones and Marrow Broth creates healthy and nutritious bone broths made of ethically sourced ingredients. Their bone broth is a versatile staple loaded with nutrients, minerals, and collagen, and makes a great soup base or addition to dips, sauces, braising liquid, and more. Their Bone Broth is one of the ingredients in my Ground Turkey Laab recipe (available on the Bones & Marrow website.) 

VE Vegan offers spice drink mixes and frozen plant-based vegetable dishes. The Aviyal and Thoran are easy to prepare by boiling in their own packaging. The spice drink mixes can also be added to vegetables and starches for an added kick. The comforting Golden Latte in hot coconut milk with a spoonful of raw honey is loaded with the nutritional benefits of turmeric and ginger. 

Flour and Flower creates elegant and edible works of art with their creative use of flowers and flair. Their delicate floral-flavoured spreads have lovely presentation and a gorgeous crimson hue. Their bespoke treats are breathtaking. Their Petal Pop Bouquet combines white chocolate with dried flowers and would make a memorable gift and sweet addition to any package. 

Smakdab Mustard is a flavour-forward mustard that hits you smakdab in the tastebuds. I love their whole grain mustards that balance sweet and savoury combinations for delicious spread on sandwiches, addition to sauces, or as part of an elegant charcuterie plate. The Cranberry Wine mustard is amazing in grilled cheese with camembert and turkey. 

During a time when the pandemic has decimated the normally bustling holiday shopping season, online platforms such as are more important than ever to keep small businesses afloat. Support local by buying local easily, affordably, and safely. 

Stay home. Buy local. Eat local.Photos courtesy of @pegonaplate


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