Some products are sold by weight (e.g. meat, produce) and we’ll do our best to send you the amount you’ve asked for, give or take. But because the actual weight of an item or portion may vary, here’s what you should know…

When placing your order

  • We display unit sizes based on the smallest amount or portion that you’re able or likely to buy — e.g. 1 whole chicken, 1 package of tomatoes, 1 lb of cherries
  • We display prices based on the product’s price per weight and the estimated weight of the unit — e.g. 1 whole chicken: $4/lb x roughly 5 lbs (estimate) = $20

When we fulfill your order

  • The actual product delivered may weigh a bit more/less than what we quoted you — e.g. the chicken delivered to you is 4.5 lbs ($18) or 5.5 lbs ($22) instead of the estimated 5lbs ($20)
  • To keep things simple, if the total difference for your order (what you paid vs final price) is less than $5 in either direction, we’ll automatically process the order and add the difference as a credit/balance on your account — to be applied next time you shop with us.
  • For differences greater than $5, we’ll check with you before processing your order and you can tell us whether you want to change anything, and how you’d like us to deal with the price difference.


Feel free to contact us!

Note: this policy was last updated in August 2020 and may change if/when we find that it needs to. Thanks for understanding!

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