Are You in Need of Some Self Care?

Importance of self care

Almost everyone could use a little TLC (Tender Love and Care) these days for good old mental health, and here at GoodLocal, we’ve got your back. Practicing self care means bringing awareness to your mental health, spiritual and physical needs, and taking action to improve or preserve your health and well being including your mind, body and soul. It’s important to prioritize and practice self care because it allows our mind and body to rest and encourages us to show up as our best selves in our daily lives. 

SO, we’ve put together the following local products for your mind, body and soul to give you some self care ideas for your overall well being and. Whether it’s meditation, a warm bath, or cozying up in a quiet place with a book, there are some self care ideas here for everyone. 


Importance of mental health

Meditating, reading, or journaling can all be amazing ways to practice self care and take care of our mental health. Meditating can help clear our minds and bring peace to our day and can be a powerful way to begin your morning, break up your day, or wind down at night. Reading can help improve memory, reduce stress, aid in sleep, and keep your brain sharp and healthy. GoodLocal carries books for children and adults, whether you fancy a novel, a picture book or somewhere in between, we’ve got something for you. Journaling, similar to meditating, can help clear our busy minds and allows us to be present. Any of these practices can help nurture our minds and can help maintain a positive mind and mental health state which can help us continue to show up as our best selves each day with a clear head space. 

Please seek professional support/advice if you are experiencing any severe mental health conditions. 


Mantra Candles

 Meditating will help bring yourself back to reflect on moments throughout your life.  This is a way to address any stressors in your life, either positive or negative. 

Sweetpea Natural Skincare carries 7 incredible 14 oz hand poured glass pillar candles that are paired with a Chakra to enhance your intentions. 

Light your candle, focus your intention, breathe, and repeat the mantra.


The World of Flying

 If you are looking for a good read, try out this science Fiction Novel by Sean Leslie Books. “The year is 2061, and the world’s first and only flying car company, AirWay, has completely monopolized the transportation industry. With the invention of the flying car, the Model H Barnstormer, as well as the Air-Bus transit system, land-cruising vehicles have been nearly wiped off the map.” Hooked yet? If you want to hear more head on over to and place your order!

Friday Cocktails

 If science fiction isn’t your thing and you’re 18+ looking for some new recipes for summer cocktails take a look at this book! It is filled with creative pictures and easy to follow recipes, making it a great way to wind down after a long day. 

Lennard Taylor’s Art of Living 

 Another great option for an easy read is Lennard Taylor’s Art of Living Book from Lennard Taylor Design Studio Inc. This book is a collection of art and inspiration, featuring original artwork, meditations and feel-good messages that serve as a balm for the spirit and mind. 


Mini Softcover Travel Journal – Ordyme

 Journaling is a great way to get rid of built-up feelings and stress from the day. Journaling acts as an outlet that can help improve your mood by prioritizing problems, fears and concerns you may have. It is also an opportunity to practice affirmations that can help improve self esteem and overall well being.

Hike Manitoba Journal

 Nature can do wonders for our mind, body, and soul! Hike Manitoba offers two great journal options for when you are out enjoying nature – one for hiking and one for camping. 


Importance of physical health 

Caring for our physical health is important because it can help clear the mind, reduce stress, and help us live longer, happier lives. Caring for your body can look different for everyone, but we have some products that can be self care essentials. 

Daily Exercise 

Rest & Recover 

Yoga Mat – by Gaiam

Get your Zen on by trying out C & Win Sports Yoga Mats. Yoga is a great practice to help reduce stress levels, stretch your muscles and help make for a happy heart. If yoga isn’t your thing, tap into your soul and try some meditation on these comfortable mats for some inner peace, your mental health will thank you!

Gaiam restore massage roller

Restore adjustable massage roller: 

 We know that physical activity is important… but we also know that it can come with stiffness and soreness. The restore adjustable massage roller from C & Win Sports is the perfect product for anyone that is experiencing aches and pains. This massage roller offers hundreds of massage options with just one tool, making it easy to target specific muscle groups for immediate benefit! 

Detox & Renew mask: 

 With the beautiful weather we have been having, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and our bodies are sweating! To get rid of the excess oil and sweat being absorbed by our skin try Be Well Naturals Detox & Renew Mask. This clay mask works by drawing out all the oils, dirt and toxins from our face, leaving our pores clean and unclogged. 

RELAX Botanical Bath Soak

 Rest your body in a warm bath, light a candle from Coal and Canary, and add your RELAX Botanical Bath Soak form Leafelle for the ultimate calming bath. This bath soak is made with natural rich sea salt, Epsom salt, lavender buds, white clay and pure lavender essential oil. It is known that lavender essential oil brings deep relaxation, helps to calm emotional anxiety, improves sleep quality, aids in depression, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps. 


Importance of soul time

Carving out a little soul time can be crucial for self care. Whether it’s ensuring you’re filling your cup by doing things you love, having your essential oils on hand for when the stress hits, or spending some time connecting with others, we have options!


Valhalla Wellness Essential Oil Roll On

These roll-on essential oils from Mainly Manitoba come in many different kinds! Stress relief, which is used to help relieve stress, create balance and a sense of well-being. Headache relief which is used for headaches, migraines and stress relief. Breathe, which is perfect for a cold and sinus relief, and lastly Zzzz’s which is made up of lavender, chamomile and frankincense essential oils that help for a good night’s rest. These are also small enough to bring with you anywhere you go! 



 Inspired by ancient herbal remedies, Solbru Alcohol-Free elixirs have been crafted to help others connect, energize, and restore. Cheers to some soul time with your family and friends with a delicious mocktail in hand. 

Here at GoodLocal, we have tons of items that can help you stay on top of your self care, and it’s important to recognize the importance of taking care of yourself, especially during these unprecedented times. We always encourage you to schedule in a little self care, and with so many local products to support your self care routines, we hope that this sparked a little inspo. 

If you end up enjoying any of these items in your next GoodLocal purchase, don’t forget to share your local goods on social media and tag us !


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